We Create Print Deliver Artwork

Pat and We Create Print Deliver’s story translated into art:

Creating art reconnects me back to family, culture, and country. As a classically trained graphic artist digital application was my first discipline and learning the ‘how to’ within the corporate retail space, was a starting point for my career and skills. As a young Aboriginal man, I saw strength in climbing the corporate ladder, however I was conscious not to divulge my true identity, often feeling unsafe, hearing comments from executives above, enforcing negative stereo types. It was this attitude that shaped my want to make a difference for all people I encountered staff, clients, friends and family alike.

Fast forward a few years and I opened the doors to We Create Print Deliver. It was a small office, the printer and two desks taking up majority of the office real-estate. My foundations clients and my wife, Jamie Lee, assisting in between her full-time job, with accounts and where she could, and my 2-year-old son Antonio, ‘working’ with his mum in the halls packing stacking and collating. Why is it important to note this, it’s beginning of We Create Print Deliver’s story:


The elements of the artwork

Exploring the artwork, the serpent at its centre, this element signifies protection and shedding skin to a new. We Create has shed its skin many times since opening its doors, evolving, and growing.

The element of people yarning around the campfire is also central to this piece and its size is evident of its important within our business. It represents gathering of people, sharing, listening, and educating. We are passionate about incorporating this within our business model, working with Aboriginal businesses owners, sharing knowledge and experience of business and our office space.

There are many elements that convey the texture and depth in the background of this piece, and they are symbolic of the life experiences, song lines/storylines of community.