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Jaime Moreno

Visual Designer

    As a strategic thinker with great interpersonal skills, Jaime brings sound experience and expertise in several fields of design such as branding, web design, print production and animation. Working in several industries and along with multidisciplinary teams provided him with a great understanding of design trends and dynamics.

    Jaime has been pivotal in leading roles such as Creative Director, Social Media Coordinator, Branding Leader, and support positions such as Digital Designer, Web Designer, and User Interface Designer.

    With a substantial background in the corporate and commercial sectors, Jaime has participated in diverse projects for multiple businesses in Latin America and Australia. In addition, he has volunteered as a graphic designer for UN Honduras and UN El Salvador, creating visual devices based on the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Believing that design is an instrument in creating a positive effect on people and communities.

    Jaime Moreno