Creative Approach

Working with the CEO of North Eastern Community Hospital (NECH), the story to be retold, needed to convey the essence of care that they provide to the community.

The overall visual illustrates the Metro landscape of Adelaide from the hills through the plain, across to the ocean. This represents the catchment area for the hospital and the reach of its services.

The symbol of the Rosella leads this art piece as it is the most identifiable icon of the hospital, and the landscapes are falling under the shelter of the wingspan of the Rosella, further signifying the care and safety provided by NECH. Almost symbolic of a mother’s care.

The circles and travel icons symbolise the people and their movements across the landscape, and the varying sizes and shapes identify various community groups within this service model, in particular the First Nations People.

The travel lines also represent the connection between families and their networks who have used NECH services and aged care.